Welcome to my storytelling, dreamwork and ātman website!
My work as an actor, writer and homeopathic doctor, all come together in my one man show, ātman.

My Poem

Welcome to my storytelling and dreamwork website!
My past careers as an actor, writer and homeopathic doctor, all feed into my dream work and what I share today as a storyteller.

S teeping In the Yuck

Whenever we feel feel blue, all we want to do,

Is distract with something else, so we don’t have to stew.
When we find a turd of our own doing,
instead of avoiding looking at our pooing—
what if we shine a light on the log,
and allow ourselves to sit with the smog?
Uncomfortable steeping in a fear or deep shame,
lets your real self uncover it as lame.
Then just beneath that false belief,
is a dose of self love you take back from the thief!
Each time we do this process
leaves us truth we get to own.
Till one day, it’s sovereignty,
as we sit back on our throne.

Malcolm Smith