ātman is the humorous true story of a man who stumbles into a plant medicine journey with the African root Iboga. There Malcolm comes face-to-face with his soul or ātman. The encounter opens a doorway to an adventure of discovery that ends up profoundly changing how Malcolm sees the world, and not a moment too soon!

In the boat of Malcolm, on the ocean of life, a new navigation system has just come online.

Its name is ātman.

Meet the Performer

A four-time OPB Moth StorySLAM winner, Malcolm loves telling true stories!

Malcolm Smith’s career began as an actor. He played Tommy Boatwright in the acclaimed original production of Larry Kramer’s The Normal Heart, at the New York’s Public Theater. He performed as a regular for a year with the LA comedy improv group Specific Hospital. As a writer, Malcolm worked on the Marvel comic book series, The Harrowers: Raiders of the Abyss. And then, a single dose of a homeopathic remedy changed the course of his life.

Malcolm attended medical school at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR. and became a naturopathic physician. He practiced as a homeopathic doctor, specializing in the release of hidden limiting beliefs within the psyche, making room for the emergence of the authentic self. Twenty years later, Malcolm’s life is altered again, this time through a mystical experience with the sacred African root, Iboga. There, he meets his lifelong companion, ātman.

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Watch Malcolm in a winning Moth Story

(clip is not from the show)

Malcolm (circa 1971)

Meet the Director

Tanya Taylor Rubinstein is the founder of Global School of Story. Her programs include Story Gold, for solo performers; First Draft, for Memoirists; and The Seven, a Global Healing Team, for those seeking spiritual sovereignty. Her team’s mission supports clients in transforming our global narratives.

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Contact for publicity, booking events: tanyataylorrubinstein@gmail.com