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A dream not studied, is like
a letter unopened ”The Talmud
Malcolm Smith
Welcome to my storytelling and dreamwork website!


I have written an autobiographical one person show, called The Experimenter.

The story begins at the age of six with the discovery of my same sex attraction in the locker room of the swimming pool at UNC where my father was campus minister.  Growing up in North Carolina as a preacher’s kid, whose mother was a liturgical dancer, I go to great lengths to keep my secret hidden.  But as I get older, this becomes more difficult and I find that “life as a closeted gay twelve year old, was filled with choices that could trip me up.”  Having been raised under the southern motto  “tell the truth, just don’t upset anyone”, my story follows the journey from hiding and maintaining a secret life, to recognizing and living in my personal truth, with several disruptively funny plot twists along the way.
Here is a moth story of mine performed at the secret society
for the theme was “ego”. It gives a glimpse of how I
work with dreams.
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Oct 29,2018
The Experimenter
Oct 29,2018
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Oct 29,2018