“A dream not studied, is like
a letter unopened ”The Talmud

What if there were a system available to everyone of us, (hidden in plain sight) that could guide us through a process which allowed us to slough off all the thoughts and beliefs we carry that are not actually our personal beliefs?  What if all it took was a little instruction and practice before we were able to receive daily teachings specifically tailored just for us?  And what if that system were able to show us ahead of time, the holes in the road of our life that we’ve fallen into so many times, in a way that gave us the choice not to fall in them again?


This I believe, is precisely what is offered you each night in the form of dreams.


The system that I will present in this book is an eclectic mix of the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, Carl Jung, and the wisdom of the master teacher plants Ayahuasca, Iboga, Damascan rose, Frankincense and Macora.  Developed over 16 years of daily dream work with patients in my Homeopathic practice,   

Here is a moth story of mine performed at the secret society
for the theme was “ego”. It gives a glimpse of how I
work with dreams.
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